Episode Drop – How David Hooper Leveraged Niches and Newsletters to Build a Big Podcast

In this episode, we interview David Hooper, host of Build a Big Podcast, to learn how he grew his podcast, Build a Big Podcast, by leveraging niches and newsletters.

Plus, we’re including a full episode from Build a Big Podcast!

David Hooper - Build a Big Podcast -  Podcast Growth Hacks


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Podcast Growth Hacks Learned in This Episode

  • Find your niche of like-minded people
    • Niches can hold more value to potential advertisers.
    • Normal ad rates are $25 CPM. Niche ad rates can go for $200 CPM.
  • Start a newsletter
    • Newsletters don’t have to be lengthy journalism
    • Experiment with short, personal “email” type newsletters
    • Newsletters are another opportunity to sell ads on

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