How a Fitness & Mental Health Coach Uses Her Podcast to Increase Clients & Followers

In this episode, we chat with Ciara Carter, host of the Run Thrive Survive podcast.
We learn how Ciara uses her podcast to grow her fitness and mental health coaching business.

Ciara Carter - Run Thrive Survive - Podcast Growth Hacks


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Podcast Growth Hacks learned in this episode…

  • Posting funny & relatable Instagram reels.
  • Having the podcast as top of funnel for coaching services.
  • Call-to-action is booking a free 30-minute intro call
  • Not directly monetizing from podcast.
  • Interviewing guests on her show led to more listeners.
  • Being a guest on other podcasts, whether they are similar or not.

Tools mentioned in this episode…

Podcasts Mentioned in this episode…

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