How Angie Griffith Grew Her Podcast Through Collaborations and Long Term Thinking

In this episode, we chat with Angie Griffith, host of Podfluencer Society (formerly titled 4 Things for Your Podcast), to learn how she grew her podcast, and her business, through collaborations.

Angie Griffith - 4 Things for Your Podcast


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NOTE: Since recording this episode, Angie Griffith’s podcast was rebranded to the new title: Podfluencer Society. As such, some links mentioned may have changed. Visit the contact form at if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Podcast Growth Hacks Learned in This Episode

  • On average, a podcast can take 3 years, before it really starts to grow…so be patient.
  • If you’re considering advertising revenue, consider the idea of selling “Title Sponsorships”
    • You can bundle the episodes as an annual or half-year package
    • The advertiser would get…
      • an ad spot
      • a “brought to you by…” mention in each episode’s intro
      • their logo on the cover art
      • links on the website and the episode descriptions
      • Instagram posts, etc
    • For podcasts getting 1000 downloads per episode, you can sell a title sponsorship for $1800 for 40 episodes (1 year).
  • Episode titles are very important.
    • A potential listener needs to be able to scan across your episodes and get a clear idea of what they’ll expect listening to your show.
    • Great episode titles are like great ad copy…so take time to be intentional about them
  • Custom episode artwork might be a waste of time.
  • Numbering episodes might have some good benefits as a referencing tool.
  • As a creator, schedule in some breaks to rest and recharge…and avoid burnout.
    • If you take episode breaks, DO tell your audience what to expect.
  • Podcast guesting helps introduce other people’s audiences to your podcast
    • Try to podcast guest frequently, even once a week is a valid amount.

Podcasts & Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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