How Angie Griffith Grew Her Podcast Through Collaborations and Long Term Thinking

In this episode, we chat with Angie Griffith, host of 4 Things for Your Podcast, to learn how she grew her podcast, and her business, through collaborations.

Angie Griffith - 4 Things for Your Podcast


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Podcast Growth Hacks Learned in This Episode

  • On average, a podcast can take 3 years, before it really starts to grow…so be patient.
  • If you’re considering advertising revenue, consider the idea of selling “Title Sponsorships”
    • You can bundle the episodes as an annual or half-year package
    • The advertiser would get…
      • an ad spot
      • a “brought to you by…” mention in each episode’s intro
      • their logo on the cover art
      • links on the website and the episode descriptions
      • Instagram posts, etc
    • For podcasts getting 1000 downloads per episode, you can sell a title sponsorship for $1800 for 40 episodes (1 year).
  • Episode titles are very important.
    • A potential listener needs to be able to scan across your episodes and get a clear idea of what they’ll expect listening to your show.
    • Great episode titles are like great ad copy…so take time to be intentional about them
  • Custom episode artwork might be a waste of time.
  • Numbering episodes might have some good benefits as a referencing tool.
  • As a creator, schedule in some breaks to rest and recharge…and avoid burnout.
    • If you take episode breaks, DO tell your audience what to expect.
  • Podcast guesting helps introduce other people’s audiences to your podcast
    • Try to podcast guest frequently, even once a week is a valid amount.

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