How Emma & Fin Grew Their Patreon Community to Over 200 Members

In this episode, we chat with Emma & Finn, the hosts of the Normalizing Non-Monogamy podcast, to learn how Emma & Finn grew their Patreon community to over 200 paid members.

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Emma & Finn - Normalizing Non-Monogamy Podcast - Podcast Growth Hacks
Emma & Finn - Normalizing Non-Monogamy Podcast - Podcast Growth Hacks


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Podcast Growth Hacks Learned In This Episode

  • Setting up Patreon to build and monetize your community
    • Create tiers on Patreon
      • $2 /month – Access to a monthly Q&A on Zoom
      • $5 /month – Access to a men’s and women’s group and chat platform
      • $10 /month – Can access in-person meetups
      • Some higher pledge levels for people wanting to give more
    • Keep monthly pricing reasonable to build a more inclusive community
    • $5 /month is the most popular perks level
  • One-time virtual meet and greet
    • Pricing is “pay-what-you-want”
      • Good way for extra revenue and as a lead funnel into their community
      • Setup a web form to collect guest info and custom payment through Stripe
  • In-Person Events
    • They’re a great community-building tool, but not great for generating revenue.
  • Guesting on other podcasts
    • Helpful for creating more awareness for their podcast
    • Helpful for building their Patreon community
  • Doing affiliate marketing to add more revenue
    • Partnering with a brand to become an affiliate
    • Putting their affiliate link in the episode show notes and the podcast website.
  • Doing bonus episodes with other guests that aren’t within the core podcast theme.
    • This helps bring in guests that can help reach different audiences.

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