How Jeff Sanders Got on The Top 10 Lists of Podcasts in His Industry

In this episode, we chat with Jeff Sanders, host of The 5am Miracle podcast to learn how he grew his podcast by getting on “the Top 10 lists of Podcasts…” in his industry and area of expertise.

Jeff Sanders is a keynote speaker, productivity coach, author of The 5 AM Miracle, and founder of The Rockin’ Productivity Academy.

He is also the host of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast. It’s a productivity podcast, which has been nominated for 7 Podcast Awards, and exceeded 12 million downloads.

Every week you can find Jeff writing and speaking at

Jeff Sanders - The 5am Miracle Podcast - Podcast Growth Hacks

Top 3 growth hacks we learned from Jeff…

  • Try to get your podcast added to “Top 10 podcasts for…” lists covering your topic.
  • Make the podcast the primary hub of your business.
  • Leverage dynamic ads to make ad placements and promo swaps easier, more manageable, and more flexible.

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