How Sunny Gault Grew Her Podcast by Starting a Podcast Network

In this episode, we chat with Sunny Gault, CEO of New Mommy Media and Independent Podcast Network, to learn the benefits of joining or starting a podcast network.

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Podcast Growth Hacks Learned in This Episode

  • Do episode swaps on other podcasts
    • Great way to cross-promote your show to other similar audiences
    • Great way to fill some gaps in your podcast schedule
  • Consider joining a podcast network for 4 reasons:
    • Get community, resources, & support from other podcasters
    • Leverage cross-promotion opportunities to get more exposure
    • Monetize through the network’s advertising program
    • Get group discounts for podcast tools
  • If you’re considering starting a podcast network:
    • Set purpose and contract terms in place early
    • Group podcasts in your network by genre
    • Sell ads across a group of shows…to leverage collective download numbers
    • Reach out to potential hyper-targeted sponsors

Podcast Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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