Podcast Growth Hacks – Trailer Episode

Hi, I’m pat Cheung, the host of Podcast Growth Hacks.

This is our trailer episode, where we give you a glimpse at what this podcast is about. In our show, we’re gonna talk to real-life podcasters and learn exactly what they did to grow their podcast.

Pat Cheung - Podcast Growth Hacks

In each episode, we’re gonna bring a podcaster onto the show. And we’re gonna learn from their journey. From the time they started their podcast, and unpack all the details of how they grew their show to where it is now.

We’re not gonna just skim the surface. We’re gonna reveal practical tips and tricks that have already been proven to work for them. Also, we plan to learn from podcasters at ALL levels. Whether they have 100 listeners or 1,000,000 listeners‚Ķthere’s always something to learn at every stage of growth.

This podcast is for podcasters. If you’re a podcaster interested in learning how to grow your show, then press the subscribe button. And if you’re a podcaster wanting to give back to the podcast community and you have a favorite growth hack you want to share, then go to our website podcastgrowthhacks.com and let us know that you’re interested in being a guest on our podcast.

Thanks for tuning in!

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Pat Cheung - Podcast Growth Hacks
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