Retrospective – Knowing The Market Size of My Niche

This is the first of my “Retrospective” episodes, where I’ll share my own biggest learning so far, in growing this podcast, Podcast Growth Hacks. Yup, it’s a bit meta. I’ll be doing these about every 10 episodes, to share some insights into how we’re growing.

Pat Cheung - Podcast Growth Hacks


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My Biggest Learning So Far, Growing This Podcast…

  • Knowing the max audience potential of my niche category
  • Talk to other, well-known, podcasters in the same category to know what their download numbers are like
  • Understand and be realistic about the math. If you actually reach your estimated max audience size…would that still fit the goal you have with your podcast.
  • Don’t look at your download numbers too prematurely.
  • Focus on producing a consistent show first, and set a target episode count, before you start examining your audience numbers.
  • Many people may not be consuming your podcast in the early stage, so looking at your numbers too early might be counter-productive.
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