How Sarah St John Grew Her Podcast by Landing Her Dream Podcast Guests

In this episode, we chat with Sarah St John, host of Frugalprenuer Podcast to learn how Sarah grew her podcast by landing her dream podcast guests.

Sarah St John - Frugalpreneur Podcast


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Podcast Growth Hacks Learned in This Episode

  • 3 ways to land your dream guest.
    • Write about them in your book, and request an interview.
    • Join a community they run, then ask them to guest on your podcast.
    • Pay them to be a guest, and give the proceeds to charity.
    • Create a Dream 100 list, and use your network to make a personal intro.
  • Benefits of writing a book.
    • You can start a podcast as an audio “companion” to a book.
    • Get high-profile interview guests by including them in your book.
      • It makes contacting high-profile podcast guests easier and more compelling.
    • Get exposure on other people’s podcasts
      • It helps establish authority and something for other podcasts to talk about.
    • Giveaway your book as a lead magnet to build your email list
      • Free physical books are great lead magnets, and you can give them away free, but charge for shipping
  • Self-publish your book on a platform like Amazon KDP
    • It’s free to publish, just a commission split on sales.
    • Buy “author copies” to buy prints at-cost, and bring them to conferences.
  • 3 ways to collaborate with other podcasts in the same niche
    • Be an interview guest on their podcast.
    • Find other podcasts to swap episodes or trailers.
      • Just be sure to record an intro to briefly explain to your audience what’s going on.
    • Do an episode collab, where you both share the same episode on your own show.

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