Here are some podcast tools we recommend.
Some we use ourselves, and some we endorse through our extensive research.
(some links below are affiliate links. please support this show by using these links. thanks!)

Guest Prep Tools


We use Notion to manage all our guest booking, show planning, research, and production work. It keeps our workflow fast and ultra organized. 


To manage interested guests, we use Typeform for our guest application. This short form helps us see if a guest is a good fit for our show. 


Approved guests schedule their interview on our Calendly link. Calendly automatically sends out our sequence of emails to help prep the guest.

Recording Tools


To capture the best quality audio recordings, we use SquadCast to record all our remote interviews. Easy for us and for our guests. 

Shure MV7

The Shure MV7 is our mic of choice for in home studio use. It’s PRO quality at a reasonable price. The dual USB/XLR output makes it super versatile.

Samson Q2U

For on-the-go recording, we use the Samson Q2U. Pro quality, ultra affordable, and rock solid! It’s also the mic we recommend most to guests. 

Editing & Publishing


We use Descript to edit our episodes, for both content and sound. It helps keep the workflow simple and manageable!


Our podcast is hosted on bCast. It’s got a slew of features, easy to use, reliable, and lets us host multiple podcasts at an affordable price.



We use PodInbox to receive audio messages and fan donations. It’s a great way to grow our audience through fan engagement. 


Canva is our go-to tool to create most our graphic design assets for marketing. Easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for professionals.  


To social share audio clips, the only option is to share video clips. We use Headliner to easily create sharable audiograms for Instagram & Twitter. 

Podcast Website


We use WordPress to host our podcast website. It’s gives us the most flexibility and power…at a fraction of the cost of other platforms. 


Cloudways is the best WordPress host I’ve ever used…after using dozens. It’s hands down the most powerful AND most affordable. It’s amazing!

Astra Theme

When working with WordPress, choose the most widely used theme of all time, Astra. Don’t get fooled by fancy themes. This is the one you want.

PodInbox Plugin

We use the PodInbox WordPress plugin to power our “leave a message” widget. This lets us receive audio messages from our fans and site visitors. 

Podcast Importer Pro

We use this plugin to auto-magically creates posts in our WordPress website, whenever we publish a new episode. What a timesaver!

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